Some Pictures you can no longer Take

This picture of Cannon Beach Oregon was taken in 2008. I went back in 2015 to see if I could take a better (or different) picture of the same scene but the tree is no longer there. It’s not quite the same without the tree so I didn’t take any photos from that location.

Cannon Beach Oregon

End of Decade Photo Cleanup

A consolidation of my “BC Islands” photos taken over the last decade can be found by clicking on the “BC Islands” menu item on MY PHOTO WEB SITE. There are a total of 32 galleries/albums under that menu item, with anywhere from a few to a few hundred photos per album – mostly Nanaimo but also other parts of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. I’ll try to improve on the photos in those albums over the coming decade.

Nanaimo Harbour- Fall 2020

A short video – clips taken during the past few months: NANAIMO HARBOUR.

That Heron

Likely the same heron as in the last post – in Bowen Park.

Wandering Nanaimo Harbour – Fall 2020

Some random shots taken over the last couple of months: NANAIMO HARBOUR.

Nanaimo Harbour Activity

From this morning: 1 1/2 hours compressed into a 1 minute video: NANAIMO HARBOUR ACTIVITY.

Nanaimo Harbour in the Morning

A two minute video: MORNING IN THE HARBOUR.

Dallas Road, Victoria BC

Pictures taken early yesterday morning.

Chinese Cemetary and Harling Point.

Taken 2 days ago, while Julie and I were in Victoria,

Fisherman’s Wharf, Victoria BC

Taken two days ago.