2017-18 Selection

Final post of the year – maybe – completing a selection from all my photos: 2017-18 SELECTION.

2015-16 Selection

Here is a selection of photos from those years: 2015-16 SELECTION.

2013-14 Selection

A selection of photos from the years 2013-14 here: 2013-14 SELECTION.

2005-2012 Selection

A stroll down memory lane. I made a selection of photos from the years 2005 to 2012 here: 2005-12 SELECTION. One of my favourites is the photo of the canoe on a friend’s dock taken by moonlight. I didn’t have a tripod so just put the camera on the dock and tried not to shake the dock during the long exposure.

2019 Selection

I went through the photos taken this year and selected a few here: 2019 Photos

Nanaimo Harbour

I went down to take a few pictures in the harbour this past week.

More pictures at: NANAIMO HARBOUR.

Piper’s Lagoon

More pictures of Piper’s Lagoon here: PIPER’S LAGOON. These were taken on a couple of mornings during the past week.