NeCK Point Park

Pictures from yesterday morning at Neck Point Park. Smoke in the sky resulted in a reddish sun.

Nanaimo Harbour this morning

I was out early this morning.

Jack Point Trail

We went on a hike with friends Bruce an Eileen a week ago. Some pictures from that hike and earlier ones: JACK POINT TRAIL.

Uclulet and Tofino

Some past pictures at: UCLULET & TOFINO.

Last Morning in Tofino

A walk to Middle Beach, coffee in town, a few shots along the Tofino Waterfront and then home.

Last Evening on Mackenzie Beach

Tonquin Trail

A two hour hike with 3 beaches along the way: Tonquin Beach, Middle Beach (another Middle Beach) and Third Beach.

Middle Beach

Morning at Middle Beach.

Mackenzie Beach

First night – Mackenzie Beach as the sun is going down.

Long Beach

On the way into Tofino we stopped at Long Beach to check out the surfers and the dogs with their people.