Santa Maria del Tule

We took at tour outside Oaxaca on Monday. First stop – Santa Maria del Tule.

What is famous about this place is the 2000 year old Montezuma Cypress Tree – supposed to have the widest girth of any tree in the world with a circumference of 40 meters – estimated to weigh 630 tons.


La Paz

Our time in La Paz is almost over. We head off to Oaxaca Thursday morning. What did we do here? Very little. We do a lot of walking mostly up and down the Malecon, to the coffee shop, the market and the grocery store.

That’s not me by the way. Other pictures taken in La Paz are either from the Malecon or close to it – see: LA PAZ.

Some mornings when it isn’t windy (which is almost never), I take pictures of birds: BIRDS IN LA PAZ.

We took one trip to El Triunfo with Chris and Toula. At one time, it was the largest town in Southern Baja – because of the silver mining. The smokestack for the main smelter was designed by Gustave Eiffel (who also designed the Eiffel Tower).

Now El Triunfo is a small town, trying to reclaim some fame by attracting tourists. Note in the pictures one of the street names – Harley Davidson Rd. Pictures from the trip are at: EL TRIUNFO.

Yesterday we went a hike with friends Ewa and Brian and then for a picnic at the beach.

More pictures at: HIKING NEAR BALANDRA.

Arriving in La Paz

We just arrived in La Paz Mexico a few days ago – a yearly trek with friends Chris and Toula that started 12 years ago after Mom passed away. Prior to that we had spent Christmas with Mom (and Dad – who passed away in 2003).

This morning I headed out (as I often do) and took a few pictures of pelicans and other birds.

La Paz is a special place for us. It’s a home away from home. It is not a tourist destination and if you want to go to the beach it’s either a long walk or a bus ride for the nicer beaches – not something we do very often.

Tonight there was a boat parade and a lot of families were out on the Malcon so we were out there with them.

Some pictures from the first few days at: LA PAZ.

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