Claire’s Shoe

This post is for Claire – because it’s her birthday tomorrow and I know (like all of us) she would like to be reminded how time flies. I’m sure she would also love to see this video over again (but then maybe not).

The video is low res because in those ancient days (almost 10 years ago) not that many people had enough internet bandwidth to stream HD so I only made a lo-res version. It was also made to amuse our grandson Jasper – not necessarily to amuse anyone else (but I still find it amusing).

This video shows a number of things. One thing it shows is Claire’s intrepid spirit – continuing on with adversity. It also says something about the other hikers who had with them: duct tape, electrical tape and string. I don’t know where the oversized sock came from.

Ron and Claire invited me on a hike with their paddler’s club: Strathcona Park – trailhead Mount Washington. It would be a day-long hike starting early in the morning and ending with a great deal of fatigue in my case in the late afternoon. Somewhere along the way, Claire realized that the bottom of one of her hiking shoes was falling literally off the shoe. Here is the video link: CLAIRE’S SHOE.

Below are some stills from that hike as well.

Rome – video

A short video clip: ROME.


Rome on the way home from Africa – a few shots: ROME.

The Twins In Africa

The last trip to Africa was strictly to see the twins who were 2 years old by then. We intended to spend 10 days visiting them and stop in Italy for a couple of weeks. About a week before we were supposed to leave we found out that Julie had breast cancer. Her GP contacted a surgeon but we wouldn’t likely get in for 2-3 weeks so we decided to go see the twins anyway and stop off in Rome for a few days. We cancelled the rest of the trip in Italy and when we arrived home we were in to see the surgeon the next day. The trip to see the twins and to Rome turned out to be a great diversion from thinking about the cancer. Click on the following link for a few pictures taken in Africa – mainly of the twins on empty beaches on the south coast west of Port Elizabeth (too cold for other beach goers): TWINS IN AFRICA.


Craig and I took a few days away and went to Namibia. We didn’t go on a big safari; instead we went on a little safari: looking for small animals in the Namib desert: NAMIBIA.

Pretoria and Cape Town

The first time we went to Africa, Louise was living in Nairobi and she told us that she was pregnant. The next time we were going to visit twin boys – just over a year old – this time in South Africa. Some pictures : back yard Pretoria, Cape Town, top of Table Mountain as the sun is going down and the fog is rolling in; Cape of Good Hope; hike on the Drakensberg Escarpment: PRETORIA AND CAPETOWN.

Tsavo National Park

The last trip from Nairobi was a drive to Tsavo National Park: TSAVO.