Blue Heron Sequence

Another (short) one.

A couple of days ago

Harbour Walk – August 19

Blue Heron Sequence

Near the lagoon: in the water catching fish; up on the rock ready to take off and then … The first 4 shots taken at 1/500th of a second and the last ones at 1/2000th; with my go-to camera – a Sony RX10iv point-and-shoot which no casual photographer or professional in their right minds would buy. It’s large and ugly and too much of a compromise for most people (and no good at all for some conditions); but I like it.

Aug 15th & 19th

The first 5 photos are from Aug 15 – walking with Julie through Bowen Park and the duck pond. On the way back, we walk back past a field that is usually empty but this time a group playing frisbee football. The last 5 photos are from Aug 19 – my usual walk along the harbour.

A Recent Walk

More photos from the Last Few Days

This Morning’s Walk (Aug 11).

More from yesterday

This Morning’s Walk