Saltspring Island

We took a few days off from our hectic retirement schedule and went over the Saltspring Island – a few pictures at: SALTSPRING ISLAND.

Rome Video

Here is a short video taken in the evenings. Most evenings we spent in Trastevere close to our hotel with the exception of the first evening (the first couple clips) showing crossing the Tiber from Trastevere, then up a few blocks and to the left to Campo de’ Fiori: ROME VIDEO.

Africa and Rome

The main purpose of this trip was to visit our twin 2-year-old grandsons in Africa. Of the 9 days in Africa, five were spent along the south coast – a beach house near Plettenberg Bay with day trips to places like George SA.  Of course I took hundreds of pictures of the boys; only a few are shown here: AFRICA.

Then to Rome for 5 nights/4 days. If you are a street photographer, Rome is the place to be – lots of activity and no end of interesting characters. Yes, it has more than it’s share of garbage but if you have a party every night, you can’t expect to look all that great the next morning. With the number of bars and restaurants around it amazes be that they manage to get rid of it at all.

One of the things we did was follow a self-guided Rick Steves walking tour – starting in the morning at the Campo de’ Fiori market and working our way to the Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain is amazing as are all the famous archaeological sites in Rome; but you won’t find many of those pictures here. What fascinated me was: the gardens on roofs; the clinging vines around the doors of bars and shops; the trees along the Tiber; the interesting graffiti; cats poking their head out of windows and other signs of ordinary life in a city that is far from ordinary. Some pictures here: ROME.



These are my favourite flowers (California Poppies) that come out all over Nanaimo at this time of year. This was taken in bright sunlight but with a dark tree stump in the background. The contrast is so high that the tree stump disappears altogether.


Victoria and the Belfry

We have seasons tickets to the Belfry Theatre in Victoria, where we also get a chance to visit with our good friends Pippa and Penny. Here are some pictures taken yesterday: VICTORIA AND THE BELFRY.

Of course I always have to take a few pictures of their wonderful dog Otis when I’m there.

Nanaimo Harbour

Nanaimo Harbour

This is one of a number of shots taken down around the Nanaimo Harbour yesterday morning. To see the other pictures click on NANAIMO HARBOUR PHOTOS.

After I take pictures and post them here, I will take a few of those and load them into “Recent Favourites ” on my Smugmug page (click on SMUGMUG). I will also put them under the appropriate gallery on that page (“Vancouver Island” in this case).

A few other pictures, I had planned to post before but never got around to it – was while waiting on the Ferry at Horseshoe Bay when we came back from BAJA. These pictures are here: HORSESHOE BAY.

Day Trip to Tofino

Starting as the sun rose at Piper’s Lagoon, I then went to Englishman River Falls, took a few shots there and stopped again at Cathedral Grove before continuing on to the west coast. I got a few shots around sunset at Incinerator Rock and then headed back the next morning, stopping at Butterfly World – wanted to see what it was like. Pictures are at: DAY TRIP TO TOFINO.

Day Trip – Duncan to Cowichan Bay

This is the first of (hopefully) a number of day trips around the island to take pictures. This one started at Neck Point Park in Nanaimo; then to Cedar and Yellow Point; Duncan next; the Butter Church (Cowichan valley), Cowichan Bay and finally Nanaimo Harbour the following morning. Pictures are at: DAY TRIP – NANAIMO TO COWICHAN BAY.

Last Few Pictures from Baja

Most of these remaining pictures were taken in San Jose at the estuary: Remaining Baja Pictures.

Last week in La Paz

One more week in La Paz and we head off to San Jose del Cabo. Here are some more pictures taken since Christmas Day: MORE PHOTOS FROM LA PAZ.