Merry Christmas from Baja

We are now in La Paz, Baja, Mexico having Christmas with friends. Some pictures at:

Bill Reid and Haida Guaii

We were over in Vancouver island a few days ago at the celebration of life for a wonderful man by the name of Lyall Simpson – Julie’s uncle. Over there we had some chance encounters that got me thinking about the artist Bill Reid and the people of Haida Guaii. I put together a 5 minute video with some photos taken from a kayak trip I did with my friend Ron in Haida Guaii in 2007. If you are interested, click on the following: Bill Reid and Haida Guaii.


Below are links to photos from my recent 5-day trip to Southern Utah/Northern Arizona. The intention was to take in the slot canyons but there were storms rolling through all the time I was there (chance of flash floods). I did take a tour of a place called White Pocket where we had to deal with hail storm when we were out taking pictures.


Trip To Pender Island

We just did a two-day trip to Pender Island stopping in Sidney on the way and Victoria on the way back. Here are some of the pictures: PENDER ISLAND TRIP.


Sooke and Ucluelet

We did a couple of 2-3 day trips in the past couple of weeks:

  • The first was to Sooke with a few hikes/walks – Whiffen Spit, Sooke Pothole provincial Park, East Sooke Park and a short loop near Port Renfrew – Botany Bay and Botanical Beach. Pictures are at: SOOKE.
  • The second was Ucluelet which we just got back from – included a Whale Watching trip – to see one lonely Humpback over near Bamfield. Pictures are at: UCLUELET.

Van Isle 360

A few pictures from the start of the Van Isle 360 this past Saturday at: Van Isle 360.


Mt Hood

Mt Hood showed up this morning.



I’ve been down taking pictures along the Oregon Coast and in the Columbia Gorge. I had hoped to get a picture of Mt Hood but it stayed shrouded in clouds. So I spent the time in the Gorge chasing waterfalls – not hard to do since there are 77 of them on the Oregon side.

My Favourite pictures from the trip are under “Recent Favorites” at Smugmug.

Final Note

My favourite non-baby pictures from the trip are under “Recent Favourites” at:

I’ve had the last one showing Craig climbing the sand dunes printed on art paper and it will be on the wall of the entrance hall to our condo.


Craig and I spent 5 days in Namibia while Julie stayed with the boys and Marguerite & Wayne headed off for Swaziland.

The trip to Namibia started with a 4×4 (Land Rover) trip to a Lagoon called Sandwich Harbour – driving over the dunes and a lunch laid out in amongst them. The driver was quite a character so made the trip interesting.

The following day we did a living desert tour of the little five – salamander, gecko, chameleon, dancing white spider and sidewinder snake. It was pretty impressive watching the guide find the little creatures.

Then we headed to Sossusvleit (the big red dunes) – starting at 9 am with the expectation of getting there by 3 pm over very rough roads. Around 1 pm we came across a few thunderstorms. It hadn’t rained here in three years and when it does, the water goes where in can so by 2 pm we hit a place where there was a river running across the road – no way to get across without a 4×4. The locals were quite happy about the rain and being entertained by people attempting the crossing. One large truck got stuck and finally got towed out. We eventually were towed through the stream around 5 pm by a land rover from our resort – arriving at the resort at 7 pm in the dark.

Some pictures by clicking on: Namibia.