Motorcycle Transport

When you live on a small island and you need to get your motorcycle back and forth.

Bald Eagle

Taking off from a tree by the Lagoon (Nanaimo Harbour); photo taken a couple of days ago.

Rose with a Black Background

Another Flower

Also from the grocery store – bought the same day as the roses.

Sharpening the Rose

One of the roses with some added sharpening to the areas that are in focus (taken with a macro lens). The rose is starting to show its age (but then so am I).

more Roses

Three flowers this time (of the five I bought).

Yellow Rose

One of the roses picked up at the grocery store this morning.

More from Drumbeg

Four more photos from this morning.

Drumbeg Park

A few shots taken at Drumbeg Park on Gabriola Island this morning.

Rathtrevor Beach Park

A one minute video taken yesterday: RATHTREVOR BEACH.