Web Site Update

If you are getting this via email, you probably aren’t visiting the web site that generates it; why bother since the main page (blog page) contains the same information. However, I did want to mention that I did update the website (wrfoster.com).

It now has 5 pages:

  • a Home page with the menu and a slide show underneath that runs through a few photos which I’ll try to update from time-to-time.
  • an About page which says something about myself, how to get the emails and what’s on the web page (i.e., what I’m saying here).
  • the Blog page which is the archive of the posts sent out by email.
  • a Galleries page; most of my best photos are on Smugmug so there is a link to Smugmug – or you can click on one of the images so that it runs a slide show of one of the galleries on Smugmug
  • a Videos page which is there for no particular reason at the moment – just has a few of the old videos on it. I’ve only included videos with Royalty Free Music as a background. That’s the music that has a bit of a beat but goes nowhere in particular so I can loop it any number of times and you probably wouldn’t notice.
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