Westwood Lake

A short video of a walk we took with friends Bruce and Eileen this past Friday: WESTWOOD LAKE.

Th Garden – Again

This link takes you to the beginning of the flowers from Marygrace’s GARDEN.

Margygrace’s Garden

Photos of our friend Marygrace’s Garden taken yesterday: GARDEN. There are two sets of photos 1 and 2. Alternatively you can click on the play button to get them full screen (then click on the arrow to the right to move along more quickly).

Harbourfront – Again

This is the last video I have lying around – taken along he Harbour in the fall: NANAIMO HARBOUR FRONT.

Flowers and Buds

Some pictures taken around the neighbourhood in the past few days – mostly flowers and Buds: FLOWERS AND BUDS (mostly). The first picture is of a Wisteria tree taken with a wide angle lens. Below is the same tree taken from our balcony. The last two pictures are from Harewood Meadows – just outside of Chase River (basically south Nanaimo).

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Pictures taken yesterday: SUGAR LOAF MOUNTAIN.

Australia and New Zealand

Our trip in 2018 in under 3 minutes: AU & NZ.

Nanaimo Harbour – Mostly in the Fog

For those old enough, you may remember a detective series that came out in the late 50’s called Peter Gunn – created by Blake Edwards and music by Henry Mancini. I remember the music because my sister Maureen had the album. The background music for the video below is from one of the tracks on that album. In our family – musical ability: Dad…

Nanaimo Bathtub Race



In under 3 minutes: ICELAND.