Nanaimo Harbour – Mostly in the Fog

For those old enough, you may remember a detective series that came out in the late 50’s called Peter Gunn – created by Blake Edwards and music by Henry Mancini. I remember the music because my sister Maureen had the album. The background music for the video below is from one of the tracks on that album. In our family – musical ability: Dad…

Nanaimo Bathtub Race



In under 3 minutes: ICELAND.

Cable Bay Trail

With Dean and Renee – a few years back: CABLE BAY TRAIL.


Our trip to Ireland last year in under 3 minutes: IRELAND.

Bike Ride – Denman Island

Close to the end of the trip, Ron and I stopped at the general store. While we were sitting on the porch eating an ice cream, two people backed into each other in the parking lot. Instead of getting angry, they got out of their cars and gave each other a hug. I didn’t get that on camera but here is the video of…

Neck Point Park


Claire’s Shoe

This post is for Claire – because it’s her birthday tomorrow and I know (like all of us) she would like to be reminded how time flies. I’m sure she would also love to see this video over again (but then maybe not). The video is low res because in those ancient days (almost 10 years ago) not that many people had enough internet…

Rome – video

A short video clip: ROME.


Rome on the way home from Africa – a few shots: ROME.