Denman Island

A few weeks ago my friend Ron and I cycled down to Boyle Point Provincial Park on Denman. On the way back we stopped for an ice cream cone at the General Store. As we were sitting there, two cars backed up simultaneously in the parking lot resulting in a load crunch sound. The drivers got out, exchanged insurance information and gave each other a hug.

Denman is a very quiet place. Most people arriving by Ferry are driving to or from Hornby Island. The ferry that takes you there is now a cable ferry. It carries the same number of cars as the old ferry but it is smaller since it doesn’t need a bridge-like superstructure.

If you go to Boyles Point you can look over the lighthouse on Chrome Island. You also get to look down on an eagles nest – one of the rare times when you will likely be above such a nest.

The only other park of note is Fillongley Provincial Park. It was deeded to the BC government in 1953 by George Beadnell on the condition that he be allowed to live out his days there. He passed away in 1958. There are several short trails leading from the camp sites to an open meadow which used to be the location of Beadnell’s bowling green.

One last note: the last picture in the video was taken after you get off the ferry from Denman. Rather than getting on the highway to Nanaimo, I continued straight ahead along the logging road for a few hundred meters.

Here’s a link to the video: DENMAN ISLAND.





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