Whale Watching

I went on two tours out of Telegraph Cove a couple of weeks ago – whale watching one afternoon followed by an all day trip the following day to see the Grizzly Bears in Glendale Cove which is part way up Knight Inlet.

The Orcas follow the salmon which don’t arrive around the Telegraph Cove area until mid-July. However we did see 5 Humpback whales,  a number of Dall’s Porpoises and other wildlife. The Dall’s Porpoises are seen in the video playing around the bow wave of the boat. Here’s a link to the whale watching video: WHALE WATCHING.

I’ll post the video of the Grizzly Bear tour next week. Interestingly there were very few Canadians on these tours. People on the tours were mainly from Europe – Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and the UK plus a few from the US.

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