Grizzly Bears

The Grizzly Bear trip out of Telegraph Cove starts at 7 am and finishes around 4 pm. Part of the reason for the length of time is the location of the Bear viewing which is in Glendale Cove – part way up Knight inlet – a two hour boat ride from Telegraph Harbour. Winds are usually calm in the morning but it can be bumpy on the way home. Rip Tide Grizzly Adventures have three transport boats and three viewing boats which they leave in Glendale Cove during the tourist season.

Part way up Knight Inlet, we saw a black bear and then a mother grizzly and her two cubs. Later at Glendale Cove there was another mother with older clubs. The younger cubs are playful while the older ones just forage for food like their mother.

We also saw male grizzly by itself and a larger male with a female. It was mating season and the male was jittery. Any little noise and he jumped up and looked like he was ready for a fight.

The guide had lots of interesting and entertaining things to say. I included a bit at the beginning of the video to give you an idea. Here is a link to the video: GRIZZLY BEARS. In addition to the video I did a little writeup of some of things I learned: GRIZZLY BEARS ORCAS AND US.

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