Bathtub Race

Here’s a link to the video: BATHTUB RACE.

I only watched the start of the race. The bathtub boats look like they are racing even before the start – probably because many of them have to keep moving in order to keep from sinking.

There were lots of people – including the soap bubble lady with her sign that says “Spreading Joy one Bubble at a Time”, although she didn’t appear to me to be all that joyful. I personally don’t blame her; I don’t smile all that much myself –

However, the activity in the last few pictures made me smile. There isn’t room for a tow boat in the lagoon so the guy was being towed by a motorized winch. The down side of having so little room was that the winch usually had to stop while he was in mid-air resulting in some spectacular crashes into the water. Then he had to grab his board, swim back to shore and start all over again. The expression on his face probably tells you something about how much he was enjoying the whole experience.

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