Telegraph Cove – Again

I went up again this week – still no Orcas; they had left the area – not enough Chinook Salmon at this time. Chinook Salmon are also on the decline in general causing problems  for the Orcas (see this CBC Article).

There were a lot of Humpbacks though, at one point about 12 within sight of the boat. They are bulking up before heading down to Mexico and Hawaii for calving season.

Then the grizzlies – no salmon in the estuary in Glendale Cove. Salmon are on a 4 year cycle and it appears that an avalanche took out most of the spawning grounds 4 years ago. Maybe next year – if I decide to go again.

Anyway here’s the video: TELEGRAPH COVE AGAIN and one of the photos of a cub in the estuary below.



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