Bugatti Meeting

I mentioned earlier in the blog that there was a Bugatti meeting in Ireland. There must have been around 30 cars. We came across them in a number of places, occasionally broken down. A lot of them came through Dingle when we were there so I took a dozen or so shots which I may include in the final set of pictures. Below are a couple. Notice the head-gear and full rain outfits (these are completely open cars with no covers). There is no room to store luggage on some cars but conveniently on these two cars you can tie a pack sack to the spare tire.

I find this absolutely fascinating. Here are a bunch of (mostly old) rich people who decide to spend their holidays  driving around in an open car in a country where it rains just about every day and sometimes more than once. No wonder some of them looked grumpy.

One of the cars (maybe the second one) was a formula one racing car with a maximum speed of more than 200 kms per hour. Most of the cars are vintage 1929 to 1931.


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