We did stop and get a tour of the tidal power station in Annapolis – very interesting – except that it doesn’t work on a large scale (changes the water/silting such that the turbines would end up being buried); also the present station is offline, pending an evaluation of the cost to upgrade wiring – so potentially could be offline indefinitely.

Meanwhile off towards Wolfville – we went into Hall’s Habour. It demonstrates the extreme tidal changes of the Bay of Fundy. We normally don’t see wharfs sitting on the ground.

Along the way we came upon this church – in slight disrepair.

We stopped in Wolfville and had lunch – crepes and then headed out to Burncoat Head Park. It would have been a bit more interesting if the tide had been out – but it was high tide so you couldn’t go very far.

We also stopped at a lookout over the Annapolis Valley (a pano with a wider view to come later).

This morning (our last day) we went for a walk along the Dyke.

Then over to the Saturday market. Lots of activity there but I only took this one picture of a group playing outside.

From there we went over Acadia University and took a walk around the botanical gardens.

By that time it was lunch time so we went to our favourite (so far) restaurant in Wolfville – “The Naked Crepe Bistro” and had a crepe for lunch.

From there we took a trip over to the Luckette Vineyards Winery and had a walk around. They have a working red phone booth in the middle of the vineyards.

Tomorrow we head back to TO.

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