Iceland – The Golden Circle

Many people only stay a few days in Iceland. In some cases it is a one or two day stopover when travelling between Europe and North America. They usually take a trip around “The Golden Circle” which is a short day trip from Reykjavik. Within a matter of hours you can see many of the interesting geological formations in Iceland. First stop is Thingvellir National Park where you can see where the the European and North American tectonic plates come together – the only place on earth where they are visible on land. Close by is the small Oxararfoss waterfall. Then there is a short drive to the Strokkur geyser. Along the road you pass the LangJokull Glacier – one of five glaciers in Iceland. The next stop is the massive Gulfoss waterfall and finally you can walk around the Kerid crater. Of course there are many more waterfalls, glaciers and craters throughout Iceland.

Some pictures taken around the Golden Circle are at: GOLDON CIRCLE.

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