Iceland Re-cap

There are two sets of pictures:

Iceland was not on my list of places to go (we mainly went to meet up with our friends). However, now that we have been there, it’s on the top of my list of places to return to.

Iceland is wet and cold but it is also amazing – particularly the south, the Snaefellsness Peninsula and the Lake Mývatn area (we didn’t go to the West Fjords). I would bring a tripod with an ND filter next time (note that shots that show smoothing of waterfalls were taken handheld – about 25 shots at 1/25th of a second – then brought into photoshop as layers, aligned and the mean of all the layers was taken to create the final image; an added side effect is that often the people disappear in the final image as they would with an ND filter). With a tripod you could ensure that all the people disappear – or pick the people that you want to remain in the picture.

Waterfalls would probably not be my subject of choice if I came back, however. There are so many interesting things to see in such a small area. I don’t know of any place like it.

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