Woods and Waterfalls

Bowen park is a 10 minute walk from our condo – pictures: BOWEN PARK. I took those a couple of days ago.

Englishman River Falls is a 45 minute drive – pictures: ENGLISHMAN RIVER FALLS. I took those yesterday morning. My car was the only one in the parking lot. It was a dreary day which is perfect for taking pictures of water in the woods.

All of the pictures were taken with a tripod which is why I was alone. The only people who want to go hiking with someone with a tripod is someone else with a tripod.

A tripod is a great equalizer when taking pictures in the woods. Pictures taken with an inexpensive camera using a tripod will generally take better/sharper pictures than an expensive camera without one.

The water pictures were taken with an ND filter. ND stands for Neutral Density. Its only purpose is to cut down the amount of light going into the camera lens without affecting the colours. That allows you to use slower shutter speeds (all the water pictures were taken with a shutter speed slower than 2 seconds).

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