La Paz

Our time in La Paz is almost over. We head off to Oaxaca Thursday morning. What did we do here? Very little. We do a lot of walking mostly up and down the Malecon, to the coffee shop, the market and the grocery store.

That’s not me by the way. Other pictures taken in La Paz are either from the Malecon or close to it – see: LA PAZ.

Some mornings when it isn’t windy (which is almost never), I take pictures of birds: BIRDS IN LA PAZ.

We took one trip to El Triunfo with Chris and Toula. At one time, it was the largest town in Southern Baja – because of the silver mining. The smokestack for the main smelter was designed by Gustave Eiffel (who also designed the Eiffel Tower).

Now El Triunfo is a small town, trying to reclaim some fame by attracting tourists. Note in the pictures one of the street names – Harley Davidson Rd. Pictures from the trip are at: EL TRIUNFO.

Yesterday we went a hike with friends Ewa and Brian and then for a picnic at the beach.

More pictures at: HIKING NEAR BALANDRA.

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