Mitla Archaeological Site

There are two major archaeological sites in the Oaxaca area. The largest, Monte Alban, was at one time the political centre for the Zapotec people. On our day trip we stopped at a smaller one in the town of Mitla. This one was more important to the Zapotec people as it was the religious centre. The Zapotec Indigenous people still number around a million, many of whom still only speak their own language. Monte Alban and Mitla had their heyday around 1200 AD but the Zapotec can be traced back thousands of years.

One impressive thing about the Mitla site is the elaborate mosaic fretwork made from small finely cut stones fitted together without mortar.

The site has not been restored to any extent and it would have been much more impressive if it weren’t for the fact that many of the stones were hauled off to build the adjacent Catholic Church.

Artifacts mainly from Monte Alban include very intricate pottery and jewelry.


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