Folk Dancing at the Quinta Real Hotel

First some history of the Quinta Real Hotel.

It was built in 1576 as the Convent of Santa Catalina. The nuns were forced to leave in the mid-1800’s due to the reform laws that were meant to limit the ownership of land by the Catholic Church. It then became municipal offices until 1972 when it was restored along with the help of the “National Institute of Anthropology and History” to become the Quinta Real Oaxaca Hotel.

Friday night we went to watch Oaxaca Folk Dancing at the Quinta Real from 8 different areas of the state of Oaxaca. Included was a buffet dinner. While we were waiting there was a wedding party going up the street outside and once the dinner started two gentlemen played the Marimba. The Marimba is similar to a xylophone. It has a wider range allowing two people to play in this case. Here is a video: BEFORE THE DANCING.

I did some video of parts of 6 of the 8 dances and shrunk them down to a few minutes. The Video is here: FOLK DANCING.

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