Hierve del Agua

Hierve del Aqua means literally “boil of the water”. It appears like this place is a hot springs but in fact the water is just bubbling up under pressure. It isn’t hot at all.

The water springs up in several places – cordoned off – I assume so no one impacts the flow – or falls through.

There is a fairly long walk down from the parking lot. Then you see the pool fed by the spring water. The pool sits on the edge of a cliff and people swim in the pool. Some take selfies at the edge of the cliff – probably not a good idea since it is about 500 feet down.

There are actually two locations. The other one requires an hours hike to get there and back. We didn’t have enough time to do that and see the rest of the site properly so just took a photo from a distance.

Both sites appear to be waterfalls but it is more like a dribble. The water is heavily laden with minerals and when it dribbles over the edge of the cliff and dries, it leaves behind what appears to be a petrified waterfall.

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