Tulips are starting to show up in some of the flower shops and I was looking at some of the pictures taken at the Ottawa Tulip Festival. Early on you might get a picture of a lone tulip amongst a lot of ones that haven’t opened yet.

Then later it gets hard to take a picture with a focus because so many tulips are in bloom and it is hard to get some separation. This is my favourite shot because I managed to get only 3 tulips in focus.

Many of the tulips at the Ottawa Tulip Festival are along the canal and there are always people walking running or cycling by.

Mind you it’s nice to walk along the canal and just look at the tulips. We won’t be there for this year’s tulip festival but it’s something for the people in Ottawa to look forward to in May. I’ll just look back at my old pictures and maybe buy Julie some tulips from the flower shop.


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