Silhouettes and near Silhouettes

I’ve included a few photos of silhouettes and near silhouettes in the link below. Sometimes the less you can see the more interesting it is because your mind makes up its own story. There are the two people on the crab dock; one is throwing out a crab trap while the second appears to have a hang-dog expression leaving you to wonder why. The 4th picture was taken on a hike up to the cross on Mount Tzouhalem. There are a few shots taken along the Oregon coast. Then there is a picture of a young woman with her hair tied up. We don’t know what she (actually my daughter Kim) is doing. Then there are some silhouettes of people on the Malecon in La Paz at sunset followed by a couple of pictures taken on a fishing trip in the Baja (with Tim, Chris and Smiley), followed by a few more pictures taken in the Baja. The second last picture was taken of a couple in a restaurant in a remote village in Iceland. It’s not entirely a silhouette – just providing enough light to get an idea of their expressions. The last picture was taken when Louise was living in Kenya – the Serengeti – showing just the silhouettes of animals and trees on the Horizon.

Here is the link: SILHOUETTES.


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