On the Water

Some “on the water” shots in more or less chronological order: ON THE WATER.

  • The first shot was taken in February 2005 when Julie’s daughters came to celebrate Julie’s 60th.
  • There are a three shots taken on the Vanisle 360 sailing race. We didn’t have a particularly fast boat so photos of other boats showed them sailing ahead of us – sometimes barely visible. The only shots of boats behind us were before the race began. With low wind and a slow boat there was often time to have a nap on deck.
  • The kayak shots are on trips with Ron and Claire in Haida Guaii and the Central Coast.
  •  Over 9 years of sailing Ron was always there to help bring the boat to and from Desolation Sound.
  • A couple of photos with Wayne and Marguerite on the Big Rideau.
  • Two photos – one with a Chris and Toula and one showing a humpback whale breaching (taken with Wayne’s camera) in the Baja. Wayne and Marguerite were also on that trip. I had managed to lose my camera a few days earlier.
  • Kim and Tim of course made it out a few times to go sailing as did all the family.

Of course there are hundreds of other shots.

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