White Pocket

There are a lot of unusual rock formations in Arizona and Utah. Not all of them are in canyons. One of them – just north of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is called White Pocket. It’s a sandstone formation in the middle of nowhere and requires a four-wheel drive along a rather bumpy, sandy road to get there. I had made arrangements to visit White Pocket with a guide.  
Four other photographers, myself and the guide headed off with the idea of getting some nice pictures at sunset. Of course that requires being able to see the sun. Part way through we were caught in a hail storm trying to get a bit of shelter beneath an overhanging rock. Instead of catching some spectacular shot with the sunset hitting the rocks at a certain angle, one photographer was trying to catch some pictures of lightning over the valley. All the other photographers including myself had packed it in by then.
Once it was too dark to take pictures we all sat around the hood of the car having some snacks under the light of the guide’s headlamp. We then headed home in the dark and the next day I was back in Nanaimo just in time to meet up with Julie coming back from NYC. The total trip had been 5 days. Three years later my sister Maureen and I headed back for another week in the same area – managing to see some things I hadn’t been able to see before.

Photos are at: WHITE POCKET.

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