Photo Books

It’s nice to see your photos in print. We used to have albums with individual pictures but that took up too much space in the condo so the photos were scanned and the albums discarded. Then in 2004, I started doing year books – a mixture of family, friends and travel. That morphed into three separate categories of books: family, individual trip books and ‘my best photos for the last 3-years’ books. So now I have about 24 photo books of various sizes stacked up on the bookshelf. They don’t take up much space so that’s OK.

I did do a ‘my best pictures for 2018-20’ book a few weeks ago and then a couple of days ago (now on its way to be printed) a book with the title “Islands of British Columbia, Volume 1: Nanaimo on Vancouver Island”. Below is a PDF of the book (click on the link below). 

 The purpose of this book was mainly motivation. The fact that the title says Volume I implies that there should be at least a Volume 2 which would require that I take more pictures around Vancouver Island and other BC Islands outside of Nanaimo. That remains to be seen but it did also allow me to reprint old photos like the one below taken at Long Lake in 2006 when I was visiting my Mom at Berwick.

Long Lake
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