Sidney and “The Latch”

The pace of life in Sidney BC is relaxing (almost comatose). That suits me just fine. Cars stop for you even if you show only a mild interest in crossing the road. Cars and people move very slowly as if people have nowhere of importance to go. That may be in part due to the fact that most residents are retired, The median age in Sidney is 59 with the peak age at 70 and a large group 85 and older (mostly woman – the majority of the men having died off at that age).

Mom and Dad (Isabelle and Frank) lived in Sidney for a number of years until Mom went on strike and refused to cook anymore at which point they moved into a retirement home in Victoria and eventually Nanaimo.

My previous memory of “The Latch” in Sidney was having lunch there with Julie, Kim and my parents around 27 years ago; Isabelle complained about Julie and I holding hands at the table (“how inappropriate – in public”).

The Latch was originally built in 1926 for the lieutenant governor of BC. It was called “Miraloma” at the time. The name was changed to “The Latch” in the 1940’s; at the time every room was closed by a latch that was opened by an iron key. If you stay there now you get a real key to your room attached to an old iron one. Miraloma is now the name of the condos next door which were built by one of the past owners.

“The Latch” is now a B&B/Inn with 6 rooms run by Michael, David and Dominic – 3 young men who took possession in early 2020.

The rooms are large with a comfy king-sized bed. Ours was called the “Library”, although it had been part of the dining room when The Latch was a restaurant. Outside is a large garden area and a Terrace overlooking the VanIsle Marina.

Breakfast is served either in the small breakfast room next to the Library or on the terrace (or in your room). It starts off with a muffin followed by a choice of bagel & yogurt, Eggs Benedict, Belgium Waffles or an Omelette. All the food is wonderful. The owners are very nice, friendly and like to chat. I don’t chat but Julie does so that worked out fine.

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