The Cliffs of Helliwell Provincial Park.

OMG – I’m getting worse. Not really. I learn something every time I go out – but then sometimes I forget or don’t check things out ahead of time. The first photo was taken in May 2013 around 2 pm. The second was taken yesterday at 9 am. The shot is of the cliffs in Helliwell Provincial Park on Hornby Island.

Obviously it had rained a lot and the green is more colourful in the first photo. The time of year is part of the issue for the second shot plus the climate has become drier the past 4 years on the west coast.

There are other issues though – including the time of day (earlier in the morning should have been better right?). I’ll repost the photos with my comments tomorrow (before I delete the second photo). See if you can point out what is right or wrong about each photo.

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