Other Prints from Oregon (first 3 photos)

The Columbia Gorge is a long day’s drive from here. There are 90 waterfalls on the Oregon side of the Gorge. Some are close to the road, others an easy hike and others more difficult to access. Elowah falls in the first photo is an easy hike away and is over 200 feet high. Multnomah Falls in the 4th photo is over 600 feet high. Multnomah Falls is on the road and very close to Portland so too many people to set up a tripod. Mt Hood in the third photo was shrouded in clouds all the time I was there with the exception of the day I was leaving. The farms in the foreground are beautiful in the spring apparently with the apple blossoms but I’ve never been there at that time.

Elowah Falls
Mt Hood
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