Cottage on the Big Rideau

We arrived Sunday night; somehow Julie and I got lost and had to be talked through to the destination. No one else had that problem. Here is a shot of the waterfront taken on a tripod at night. It looks brighter than it is to the naked eye).

Below is what happens when you accidentally move the camera before the exposure is complete.

Photo of Jasper that night followed by a photo Jasper took of me. For those that know me – it’s hard to catch me with a smile.

Jason and Finn went kayaking Monday morning.

Below: Louise having a discussion with Matty.

Leanne, Louise, Jasper and Matty in the water.

Matty about to jump
Matty and Jasper
Matty swimming under legs (Louise, Leanne and Jasper).

Wayne and Marguerite arrived (they have a cottage on the other side of the lake) and we had a little celebration – our anniversary and Leanne’s Birthday. Jasper and Leanne: the two chefs – made a delicious trifle for desert. The chef apron is a pre-birthday gift for Leanne (her birthday is next Monday).

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