2017 -> 2018

Here is a selection of 15 photos taken in 2017: SELECTION. I also did about 25 videos in 2017 (excluding the ones I did for friends and family). You can re-visit those by clicking on the links in the blog at WRFOSTER.COM.

In 2018 we have two trips planned so far. Mid-January we head to Australia/New Zealand for 6 weeks. The second trip is a 10 day trip on a tugboat in the Alaskan Panhandle mid-summer. Beyond that I’m hoping to get down to Utah and maybe the Alberta Rockies.

I completed the switch from Canon to Sony in 2017 – sold the remainder of my Canon gear on eBay. My main camera now is a Sony A7Rm2 (42 megapixels) with two zoom lenses (16-35mm and 24-240mm) and a few prime lenses (25mm, 35mm, 55mm, 85mm). For the trip coming up to Australia/New Zealand, I’ll just take the 24-240mm and the 25mm prime.

The only new gear I’m planning on in 2018 is a drone – likely a DJI Mavic Pro which folds down to the size of small telephoto lens. I may use the drone to cover some old ground – once I learn now to use it without crashing it into the ocean. I’ll probably pick the drone up some time in April/May. If I haven’t crashed it by then, some drone footage might show up on this site sometime in June.


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